Established in 1988 ,  Chuan Hsing , Inc.  is a leading manufacturer of office chair armrest, pu armrest, and other office chair components.


Chuan Hsing offers reliable and cost-effective products.


Our mission is to produce world class design office chair components, a leader in our primary product lines: PP ,PU armrest  and PU arm pads.

We've been in operation since 1974. With headquarters in Taiwan, CH owns and operates two production plants.


We bring life to our vision by constantly rededicating ourselves to innovation, a culture that reinforces our progressive attitude towards our customers and employees, and most of all – by producing solid, top-crafted products.

In contrast to our vast history and experience, we still consider ourselves a new and evolving company, consistently expanding into available worldwide markets.



我們的使命是生產是世界一流的辦公椅零組件,主要的產品為PP, PU扶手,和PU扶手墊。從1974年開始運營,總部位於台灣,擁有兩個生產工廠。我們透過不斷的致力於創新,將生活帶入願景,這文化強化了我們對客戶及員工進取的態度,最重要的是 - 製造堅固、頂尖的產品。與我們豐富的歷史及經驗相反,我們認為我們是一間新興而且不斷發展的公司,不斷的擴展到全球可及的市場上。






Design Consultancy

Our expertisr supports the development process,making it quick and cost effective to make design.

Part Design

From the early design stages, we can verify the feasibility of concepts in respect to cost, application, technical requirements and compliance.

Design for Manufacturing

If there is a mismatch between the specifications of the design and the manufacturing requirements or final application, we will advise on alternative  options.

Tool design

CH offer 30  years experience in tooling products used throughout the furniture industry. From simple injection molding through to complex adjustable arm structures.


- Polyurethane Production Line

2 PU pouring machine with automatic robotic arm introduced, for in mold painting and pouring system.

Computerize material pouring set up less defect rate.

- Plastic Injection

16  injection molding machines with 3 way robotic arm. From 100T to 1000T, we can provide more flexible production. We can produce from small precision part up to large 5 kgs parts. Dual injection molding machines introduced, offer better price and better parts.

- Aluminum Die Casting

Toshiba Aluminum die casting machine  250T , 350T  and 800T . In our facility we have blended the best automation techniques with highly skilled, trained operators to allow us to effectively handle large volume jobs. We also have machines designed for quality, short volume runs. Our strict quality control procedures ensure that you get a top quality product every time.

Quality Assurance


We've committed to quality assurance through SQE,IQC, IPQC, FQC, OQC and equipment validation.We're also follow ISO9001 standard operating process and have invested in inspection machinery to ensure that we deliver to your expectations.


We provide guaranteed delivery and quick shipping program to satisfy customer needs.

After-Sales Support

We offers you access to high quality manufacturing from initial concept to productize via a single point of contact. We are an independent supplier of all technologies and are committed to finding the optimum solution to match your specification.


Chuan Hsing Chemical Industry  Co., Ltd


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